Owner:   Pine Brook Water District, 1903 Linden Drive, Boulder, Colorado, 80304


Dam Type Code: Gravity Concrete Dam
Dam Height: 83 feet (to bottom of excavation)
Dam Height from finished grade: 73 feet
Crest Length: 606 feet (overall including parapet wall)
Crest Length: 571 (not including parapet wall)
Crest Length Visible: 550 feet
Crest Width: 14.13 feet
Reservoir Surface Area: 4.06 acres
Normal Storage Capacity: 100.96 acre feet
Maximum Storage Capacity: 137.36 acre feet (during flood)
Drainage Basin Area: 300 acres
Maximum Outlet Discharge Capacity: 49 cubic feet/second (cfs)
Principal Spillway Capacity: 500 cubic feet/second (cfs)
Emergency Spillway Capacity: 4,100 cubic fee/second (cfs)
Next Downstream City or Town: City of Boulder
Distance to Downstream Town: 1 Mile
River or Stream: Two Mile Creek



Reservoir Stats & Facts

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